Cask stillage


Hi, I’m opening a new bar that I will serve 5 cask ales that will be guest ales, meaning once the firkin is empty I will change the cask for a different beer from a different micro brewery. I have had mixed opinions on having vertical or horizontal stillage with auto tilts. Can someone give there opinions as what is best?


  1. I always say that I prefer vertical, to auto tilt, I have been in some sellers with auto tilts, and the staff have pulled a pint then nothing, thinking the beer had run off, they go to the seller and see the cask is not fully tilted, they touch the cask and all of a sudden, the auto tilt works, tilting the cask suddenly, there by disturbing the beer in the cask, meaning that the auto tile has had beer spilt on the auto tilt, with beer clogging up the spring,
    For that one reason, I would use. Vertical, you don’t have to tippy toe around the vertical. Keg/cask, just in case “you accidentally”. Touch and. Disturb the beer, Plus, you get Moor beer out with vertical than auto tilts.

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