Cask Widge


cask widgeHave been using these for quite a while now and am pleasantly surprised, except for the weak on/off valve, I have had a couple break on me. Other than that I find they are pretty good, save having to worry about tilting the cask. (see below)








  1. Hi
    Are these for CO2 to be used on casks ? How longer does the ale keep with the use of CO2 please? My clear is set up for this but I Avnet used it yet . asI have lost some beer though migratory summer drinkers. Please share any pros and cons. Thanks! Anni

  2. Hi Anni

    I find these work well, however you have to look after them if you have some hamfisted staff they could break the shut off valves as they are quite weak. Also care should be taken when pulling the top out of the body, the strainer bit can snag and deform. But I have had these over a year now and I really haven’t had any problems. You can connect a cask breather where the tube is if this is what you mean. This can extend the life of cask beer up a day or so it depennds on the brew.

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