Cellar Cooling


Hi, we currently only sell keg beers which are cooled by either a remote cooler, flash cooler or both. I have noticed that the cellar is also cooled by a fan cooling system, do we need the fans operating for cellar temp if we are not keeping cask ales?


  1. This is a loaded question and the answer is yes. Cellar cooling will take your beer containers down to a temp of 13 degrees Centigrade your remote cooler will then take the temp of the beer down to 5 to 8 degrees and as you have flash coolers these are probably extra cold and will take the temp down a further 3 or 4 degrees.

    When your beer is installed the engineer would set balance pressure in the containers and that would be at right pressure for 13 degrees if however the temperature goes up this can cause all sorts of fobbing problems as the Co2 pressure in containers increases so the balance pressure will then be too low. With big fluctuations in temp in the summer this can result in a large amount of wastage. But in the end you are the master of the switch if you switch it off you may loose more in wastage than you save in electricity.

  2. Broadly agree with Maverick.Should your cellar be able to maintain an ambient temparature of 13 degrees Celsius or so without mechanical assistance then be happy.Remote coolers can deal with all sorts of temparatures but overloading them is not a good thing.The accepted doctrine is 10-15degrees Celsius for cellar temparature.The reason for this is,apart from not encouraging beer to rot,as yet unclear to me.
    Hope this is ,at least,vagueley helpful.
    It does also help if the remote coolers have an outdoors heat exchanger unit.

  3. cellar cooling runs on a thermostat once your cellar is down to temp it shuts down.allthough most new systems are designed so that the fans run all the time to keep a constant temp with air flow or air movement.the main cost is when the outside unit kicks in or the compressor this pulls the most amps on start up but only for a few seconds once the system is running they are prety mutch cost affective.
    switching it off could also cause problems with tech service if you get fobbing lager and your cooler is off they would tell you to get it repaired or switch back on.also some brewers or tech service companys will not install certain products unless you have cellar cooling.
    hope this helps???
    cheers T.I.B

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