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I am having constant problems with Carling, mainly Carling where the taste is horrible and it has a bad smell. Happens about two or three pints in ever dozen pints. I know its nothing to do with the glasses. Have and still having tec services out they say its one thing then another and can’t resolve the problem last one was the the pipe going to the remote cooler was too long so they shortened it by 7in before that the coil was supposed to be blocked and they changed it but they didn’t there are to many reasons to mention here what tec services say. Tec services said they have inspected the pythons coolers coils and everything else and says there’s nothing wrong so was wondering if any one else had any experience with this. The cellar remote cooler and all pipe work is around 17 years old. I do apologise for the long post.


  1. Hello, there are a few other tests that can be done and would be more than happy to investigate this further. We work on these kind of problems on behalf of Coors, Heineken, Carlsberg etc etc. It sounds like an infection in the line, the trick is finding out where? We can do this. If you contact me directly, I can escalate to Coors and get it sorted for you.

  2. Hi R A You haven’t said which line cleaner you use. More than likely, 95% it is a line cleaning problem, I would start by giving the line a really thorough clean with ‘Blitz clean’ or an equivalent like ‘Combat’ following the line cleaning guide on this website to the letter.

    If you can’t get hold of any of the mentioned products, the next best would be ‘Protinate’ or ‘Chaser’ or the ‘Pipeline Bottoming Out Kit. Again following the instructions to the letter. Please do not leave the cleaner in the lines too long especially as your lines are so old. After that If the lines have a medical smell and taste Then it will probably be down to the lines that need replacing or perhaps you have unused lines in the python.

    • Thanks Hoppy for your reply as mentioned line cleaning they were tested with a different line cleaning product to deep clean the lines this was given to us by a technician this was carried out via there instructions and there were no problems found. these problems have only started since we had new products added to the bar as I have been cleaning the lines for the past 10 years with no problems in the past. I do know that there are unused lines in the python as there are quite a few lines that have been disconnected and left and it is a pain for the tec guys to work with the cellar remote cooler and there was another remote cooler added as there were to many lines going in to one cooler.

  3. Hello RA the problem you seem to have sounds like something that should be serviced by a company working on behalf of your brand owner. The treatment will have no cost to you and you will not have to play around with chemicals you are not used to using. So on that basis I strongly disagree with Hoppy. The fact that your lines are 17 years old means anything could have happened to them over the years, they might have had a number of BLITZ cleans over the years and I certainly would not recommend using this type of chemical yourself. And in fact why would you if your brand owner is happy to support you? Once we know where you are we can get it sorted for you. Todays brewers are very proud of their brands and want to protect them. We also need to understand what the taint (smell/taste) is, it could be a number of different issues, it is likely to be either, Stagnant water, like wet socks or chemical/TCP smell, with a chemically aftertaste these are the most common. Either way once we know what it is and where it is, we can do something about it. And If we can’t, because we are working for your brand owner, then we send them a report which sets out next steps (and the bit I do agree with Hoppy on) – looking for spare lines etc. Hope thats been of help. Michael

  4. If it was the beer it would be bad all the way through the keg. It sounds to me you have a yeast build up somewhere in the line and the beer is lying in it. When you then pour off that infected part of the beer will taste smell etc. If you have a constant eggy smell it’s more than likely that the product coil in the remote needs replacing.

    • Thanks CJ that is what I was thinking if it was the key it wouldn’t be repetitive, you mention an eggy smell that is what it is like there was a mention of replacing a coil and that had been done today so if that was the problem then the smell and taste should go.

  5. My previous reply to cj should have said if it was the keg it would be until the keg was changed and not all the time. Got some good advice off everyone so hopefully will get it sorted soon. Thanks again

  6. Moving to a spare line is the only option. Every bit of pipe from keg to tap needs replacing and if there’s no spare lines then the python will need replacing. I work in tech services for a major brewer and every time I come across this cleaning is the first option with various chemicals but on a loom that old it never works.

    I can’t believe after various visits this hasn’t already been done.

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