Cider date once opened


We are just opening after the shutdown.

New stock in and old stock returned or destroyed.

My only issue is that my treasurer is trying to force me to use a half barrel of strongbow from before lockdown. He’s convinced that the date jan 2021 is the end of it, whether open or not.

I haven’t started to argue until I asked here, but I can’t see how an opened 1/2 barrel, sat in a warm cellar for 3 months is going to be fit to drink.



  1. Ha this one is easy, put it on and make him drink it. Ha! ha!

    Once you have introduced bottle gas into the barrel it is contaminated you would be lucky to get three weeks out of it let alone three months. Cider should be treated like lagers and bitters in that respect.

  2. Thanks as I thought. He’s the same guy that tried to tell me that I shouldn’t be cleaning the cider pumps, (at all), because there’s no yeast in cider. Sigh.

    I spoke to the secretary, who knew what was going on and agreed with using it, and told them. Point blank told me the brewery said it would be okay to use. When I questioned it they are going to ask again to be sure. Again sigh.

    It looks like it’s more than half full, so I suppose they are cringing over losing so much. We lost a fair bit because of lockdown, but you can’t give people crap drink to try and save money. Ok last sigh.


  3. Oh dear! Why do these people hold the position that they do. After three months it can’t taste very good anyway people wont say anything they will just stop drinking it. If I was a cider drinker I would .

    I work indirectly for a cider company I have blitz cleaned cider problem lines before now that have come out the same colour as Guinness, so yes it is very important that cider lines are cleaned along with the normal line cleaning.

  4. Thanks.

    The saga continues.

    The secretary again said the brewery said it would be okay.

    On Friday the treasurer popped in to see me at opening and asked why I hadn’t used the barrel. I told him because it’s been open for 3 months. “Have you tried it?” Was his response then went on to tell me the date was jan ‘21 again and being snotty that I wouldn’t put it on.

    I told him again that it’s been opened for three months and he walked out in a huff. He’s not happy with me at all.

    So the barrel sits out of line. (I check to make sure they haven’t slipped it on every afternoon when I open. Something they would actually do).

    Your confirmation has been a help. I have looked after the cellar for donkeys years, but am self taught and learned over time as things pop up. I can figure out most issues or know when cellar services need contacted. I don’t cut corners and botch things that need done right. Many of my regulars praise the quality of the beers and how they are looked after, so why my committee think they are going to get me to try and sell rancid cider is beyond me. LOL

    I also took the step to contact Heineken cellar services and ask them directly. They also confirmed that cider should be treated like any other foodstuff/beer and the barrel would not be fit to drink. I’m waiting for one of the committee to pull the “the brewery said it was okay to use line” again now. 🙂 (Sometimes looking after the beer, glasses etc is the easy bit). Hehehe

    Also, it’s kinda obvious that it will taste funky, but I have also wondered whether it would be safe to drink?

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