Cleaning and sanitizing ice machines


Ice MachineA recent report in the Mail on Sunday reported that six out of ten restaurants had produced ice with more bacteria than toilet water. None of the samples found presented an immediate health danger, but four contained such high levels of microbes the restaurants should be considered a “hygiene risk”, according to a Government accredited laboratory.

Implementing a planned cleaning and sanitizing scheme for ice machines is essential to prevent unexpected failures.

Neglecting routine maintenance can allow scale, slime, bacteria, mold, algae and other harmful microorganisms to build up inside the machine, resulting in failure, reduced production capacity, inefficient performance or poor ice quality. With more local area heath inspectors sampling the quality of ice in establishments it is essential for any food retailer to ensure the quality of ice produced on site.

Even with the best water conditions every ice machine should be cleaned and sanitized at least twice a year. In applications where the water quality is poor or the environment is demanding, a machine must be cleaned more often to remove yeast bacteria, which can negatively impact both the ice machine’s performance and its product. It is easy to forget that although ice is very cold it can still carry bacteria such as E.coli.Ice

Because the modern ice machine is a complex piece of equipment it is essential to use a trained technician to carry out this regular cleaning. Using a reputable ice machine cleaning company will give you peace of mind that you are providing pure uncontaminated ice for your customers and prolonging the life of your expensive ice machine.

Dave Miller has worked in Dispense Technical Services for over 30 years with beer and soft drinks. As well as employed by major breweries such as Carlsberg-Tetley and Whitbread. Now works out of Merseyside,  trading as  Bar Technical Services Ltd




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