Cleaning cask ale beer lines


Cask Line CleaningThe cleaning of all beer lines is of utmost importance to the beer retailer. Regular beer line cleaning keeps your beer on top form and your profits in good shape as well.

The cleaning of cask ale beer lines however requires a little more attention if you are to provide the perfect pint.

The very nature of real ale as a “live”product means there is a lot more yeast contained within in it.

Cleaning cask ale lines is much the same as cleaning keg beer lines.

To begin with, some brewers but not all have special cask cleaning sockets fitted to their beer line cleaning ring mains. If you have these fitted then it is just a matter of connecting your cask lines on to these sockets and then carrying out a normal line clean. Don’t forget to wear goggles and gloves.

In the case where no such sockets have been fitted then it is a case of finding a nice clean bucket or other container and placing your cask lines for cleaning into it, and performing the same tasks of rinse, detergent and then rinse.

On a daily basis, Inn Doctor recommends that as a matter of good housekeeping that if a cask line has become empty, regardless of how recently it has been cleaned, then fresh water should be rinsed through it, before connecting to a new cask.

Cask tap ready for cleaning

An important factor in ensuring your cask ale stays in top condition is to make sure all cask taps are thoroughly cleaned. Use dilute cleaning fluid and a small brush to clean these, then allow to dry and store somewhere clean until ready for use. If you decide to take the cask taps to pieces always remember not to mix the parts up, not all cask taps are the same and you could end up with leaking or stiff taps. Equally if you are using vertical extractors make sure you have a suitably long brush to clean out the down tube and once again do not mix up tap components.

Remove all sparklers from swan necks and clean these with fresh water. Clean the swan neck and exterior of the beer engine as well. Nothing worst than a grotty looking beer engine.

One of the keys to keeping consistently good cask ale is hygiene. Plain and simple, keep things clean.

When reconnecting after a clean, two things, don’t forget to clean and refit the hop strainer and also remember to turn the cask tap back on slowly so as not to disturb the cask. All that is left to do is pull the fresh beer through and taste.

Here are our recommended beer line cleaning products and links to purchase these items online.

Prosan Plus A good all round cleaner for use with lightly soiled systems. Product uses special tracer dye that indicates the presence of yeast.

Protinate A very good product designed for use with heavily yeast contaminated systems.

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