Cleaning Cellar Buoys


cellar buoysIs it possible to dismantle a Cellar Buoy to give it a good clean?


There is a build up of yeast and bits around the float and I am reluctant to tamper with it without advice. Thanks


  1. I’ve found you can usually get rid of this with a good cleaner like protinate or pipeline gold, but you have to persevere and keep venting through the top of fob with fresh cleaner.

    Cellarbuoys come apart quite easily but I would rarely do it if I didn’t have a spare with me. If the seals are slightly swollen or perished a bit, you can have hell of job to stop them leaking; that’s if you can, when you put them back together. It’s all a question of “do you feel lucky” probably something like 80 – 20. Don’t worry about calling out an engineer that’s what they are there for.

  2. Cheers Hoppy, I suspected as much. I’m not that lucky, i’ll try the chemical solution you suggest. I’ve inherited this set up and the “gunk” looks well set in. hopefully it will do the trick. Thanks for responding 🙂

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