cloudy beer


I am having issues with cloudy bitter, lines cleaned regularly any ideas


  1. If you have tried everything else you could consider checking the hose that you use to fill the flushing container. I have worked with a couple of sites over the past year with a similar problem and using 3M’s ATP system I traced the problem back to the fill hose which was highly contaminated. This should be a “Food Quality” hose that is drained and if possible stored in dry conditions outside of the cellar.

  2. If you are absolutely sure that the lines are clean, some line cleaners just don’t cut the mustard!! Which would account for the problem 98% of the time. Then it is probably the beer itself try it on a new container making sure the existing product is flushed out of the line. Then if you find it is the beer make sure you don’t use more than 2 or 3 gallon out of it or depending on your brewer you won’t get credit.

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