Concorde mini cooler freezing up



I’ve got a Concorde mini cooler, once the unit has been switched and allowed time to cool and an ice bank to build up, the unit will dispense as it should. If I leave it for an hour and come back it will no longer dispense; I can only assume that the Thermostat is faulty and it’s continuing to cool causing it to freeze. Anyone had similar problems?

Many thanks


  1. Your assumption that the thermostat is faulty could well be correct. May I respectfully suggest that if you are competent to do so obtain a spare and change it otherwise call someone in and get it fixed ASAP. THat way you will be back in business much quicker. Either way good luck

  2. If as you say, it works then if left for some time it will not dispense, I don’t think it’s the thermostat, sounds like a blockage in the line, or no gas, the gas regulator on the bottle may be faulty, I have had that before, what you don’t say is does it dispense again after its stoped dispensing for some time.

  3. Hi Norfolk

    When you come back after that hour of so has the compressor stopped running if it has, just check that the coils are central sometimes they can spread out towards the icebank.

    It’s a long time since I have worked on a mini Concorde I think it has a Digital controller it will be that, that needs changing along with the probe.

  4. Many thanks for all your comments, appreciated. In response yes, once the cooler has ‘thawed’ it will dispense again but I have called the engineer out, you can never be too sure; I don’t want to make it worse!

  5. I have a concord beer cooler. There is a plastic tube sticking out, when the cooler is turned on water comes out. Where is the pipes suppose to go ?



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