I do outside bars and am looking to expand my cooler capacity. One obvious option is a remote cooler but there is the obvious problems of cost and lack or portability. I am looking at a second hand 4 line cooler but I am informed it needs another cooler to run it and it can be run from the re-circ on a normal flash cooler. Does this sound right and does anyone know if these coolers actually work?



  1. hi u can get 4 out re circ under counter coolers and you can get concorde coolers which are 4 out coolers that are smaller than a python cooler ,it all depends on how much volume you are going to put throu these to which one you would need
    hope this helps

  2. For how much area you want to cover through re-circ on a normal flash cooler is a main thing. Center cooler is costly but if there is arrangement for each site then it will good option for you.

  3. You can use a flash cooler but this depends on what your load is. I would rather use a remote cooler and the company I work for do make a retro-fit conversion kit that converts a standard Air Cooled remote into a mobile bar. Has built in drip tray, hole for dispense tap, 1/4 push fit for C02. 2 Shelfs for Gas bottles, 2 floating shelfs for the dispensed beer.

    Quite a nice kit. They also can supply you with most refurbished kit. Remotes, shelf coolers and soft drinks equipment. We have maxi 310 1 coil, 2 coil, 3 and 4. Classic 1000, Polarflow, Vision, Glycool and Legacy. The soft drinks kit we always have in are Iceberg SR and Cadet SR cold soda recirc along with compact carbonators

    Not sure if I can post the details here but have a look at the website We already do all the repairs for Molson Coors, Inbev, Greeneking & Diageo Guiness

    Good Luck,

  4. 3 wrote: I wouldn’t boast about doing refurbs, as most of them we repair again on site

    Maybe? but perhaps leave that for another place and time, this guy has taken the time to write a really good post on another thread which can only be a good thing.

  5. Sorry – Dont get me wrong I am in no way boasting about doing refurb kit – However there is a very good reason why some of the biggest names in the industry send us all of there equipment.

    The only reason I joined this forum is to put my experiance forward to help those who do not know what to do.

    Repair in trade is going to come back in a big way. The only prblem at the moment is poor training lack of experiance and poor communication between brewery heads and field tech’s.

    I did a training session for 26 service techs in our head office and I was blown away by how many members didnt even know how to find basic faults.

    Communication and quality training is key – Its not the staffs fault, they are in the fireing line every day – taking sh1t from the end users. They deserve more help, support and training. They are often paid poorly and work silly hours.

    I dont do installs anymore I train people in the industry and help people at the top run the supply chain. I still learn something new every day.

    Got to love – Got to hate it. 😉

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