Coors Compact system


Hi I use a Coors Compact system that is supposed to operate without a cellar. It is simply a cooler, gas regulator box and pumps. In hot weather and when busy as soon as a new Carling (compact 20 ltr size) barrel is connected it fobs and you loose 2 pints to every one pulled!! Any advise? I am thinking of moving the cooler into a seperate area / room the cooler to pumps will be about 4 meters away. I have asked Coors for advise and they are as much use as a fobbing pint!!!


  1. If you are losing 2 pints to everyone pint pulled then call them out again. If it is only happening when it is hot or you are busy. Then something needs to be adjusted or upgraded. Speak to your area manager this isn’t something you put up with.

  2. Bearing in mind anything from Carling is designed without the operator or customer in mind,could be gas pressure or cooler temparature at fault.Might also be flow speed,if this is adjustable try slowing it down a gnats.

  3. fob detectors are not installed on compact draught , so you will have waste every time you change keg. I would check cooler for ice water bath should be 0 degrees , make sure condensor/ vent on cooler is clear of dust etc . keep cooler on at all times . If you still have problems call tech servies because it could be a faulty box ,ie not giving you enough gas pressure or too much gas pressure ,
    hope this helps

  4. Thanks to all. I am setting up a cool room to store kegs. I have changed the cooler, and for now done away with the Coors Gas unit and gone back to my old bottle top regulators.
    I have fitted a flow valve in the line and although a bit of a fiddle it is improving! Used Fosters the other day and it was fine! Any one help me with the best gas pressure for a 11 gal Fosters and 20ltr Carling.

    Cheers to all

  5. Gas pressures will depend on the ambient temp in which the kegs are stored, also the type of gas you are using.
    My advice is to call tech services as you will be causing yourself and those around you all sorts of H&S issues by tampering with the equipment!

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