Craft beer bars


Our own regular high street bar has now become a “trendy, hipster, craft beer bar”. No John Smiths or Carling on the bar here then!

Craft on draft is the new order of the day and not an ABV below 4%. If we were not confused enough by the mind boggling array of wothy beverages then having to decide on whether I was having a 1/2 pint, 2/3 rds or a pint was even more bewildering. Is this the future beckoning?
Having paid a few visits to our new bar, purely for research purposes,we have come to a few conclusions. Because of the staggering prices and ABVs of most of the beers on offer, having a session here as we like to do, is not really feasible. Is too much choice a good thing? Finding a beer you like can be a real task with the temptation to try all the different brews, knowing that if you do find one, it may not be on the bar on your next visit and the whole process would have to be repeated.
Don’t misunderstand us here, there are some great craft brews available, it’s just that the new craft beer venues are a world apart from traditional pubs. Obviously these new bars are catering for a new younger clientele and doing a good job so maybe it is wrong to compare them with pubs.
Our advice take your cheque book and give these craft beer bars a go.

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