Dirty Old Man


Every establishment has one,overt or otherwise.I wasn’t allowed to deal with todays offering.

Had I been allowed to,my approach would have been thus:

"Sir,may I take a moment of your time please.It has been brought to my attention that you have been acting as a Dirty Old Man with regard to your waitress.We are unhappy about this so would you mind Perving in such a manner as not to unnerve the Working Crew"

Your tales please…


  1. We wouldn’t expect anything else but such a measured response from you Alex. None of your "eat your dinner you degenerate old fart, before I shove it where the sun doesn’t shine." If only you where allowed to give full vent to your anger.

  2. Silly thing,Gafferette and me were making a bit of a giggle out of this one.Gafferette was waiting on at the time.
    Anger was not a feature.

    By the way,I want to have Gafferettes babies but she won’t let me.

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