Ditching San Miguel


Thinking about ditching San Miguel. We don’t sell a lot apart from to one or two drinkers. Whether pulled through often in one session or not the stuff fobs like mad – have been told this is a common problem with SM. any advice gratefully received. Cheers, Anni


  1. I find the SM quite yeasty and needs to be cleaned more like bitters rather than a lager. If it fobs after cleaning could be down to the speed of dispense otherwise I would call out tech services to check the gas pressure and they could advise on your options. Call them out, beer is too expensive to waste, you are paying for the service anyway.

  2. Pretty much what Maverick said.

    Edited to add that if the python cooling jacket doesn’t extend as far as the font then warming of the line over that small line length usually causes fobbing if there is a significant interval between pouring each beer.

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