Do you need Renovating?


clean-glassWell it comes to us all sooner or later, the need to to put back the sparkle into our lives, I mean glass ware. Here at Inn Doctor we suggest that you Renovate your beer glasses sooner rather than later.


 As we are coming up to what we all hope is our busiest trading period,  dare we mention the “C” word…there we did, Christmas is around the corner, we need to focus on our beer quality.


As well as putting the old decorations up, dragging the Christmas tree from behind the boiler and hanging dear old Santa over the mantle piece, we need to be pro-active with ensuring that are beers are presented in tip top condition. OK, you say, I have studied all the boring stuff on Inn Doctor and my beer is absolutely brilliant, no problems there, but what about your glasses. Well they seem clean enough to me you might say!


Well they may look clean but to ensure your beers are presented totally at their best, you must Renovate them. That is, to use one of the many beer glass renovation products that are available to thoroughly clean all the acrued grease and dirt fom your glasses. For those who already do this on a regular basis, we at Inndoctor salute you, it’s nice to know someone is reading all the stuff we write. Anyway back to the lecture, yes if you can’t remember the last time you Renovated then it is time to get it done.


There is no point in doing this job shelf by shelf over a few days. You must do all your glasses at the same time, otherwise as people migrate from room to room glasses get mixed up and you cannot ensure all glasses have been done.


The benefits to you are easily apparent, creamy heads, heads that last and lacing on the glass are some that you will see right away. More importantly your customers will see this as well and show their appreciation by buying lots more beer.

So, when your barmaid says she has nothing to do, get her doing this easy but worthwhile job, it will pay you dividends…..Here endeth the lecture.

Bye the way renovation is not just for Christmas, do it regularly. Now where is our plastic Rudolf?


  1. Renovating beer glasses is a good idea this time of year. Nothing looks better than a creamy pint that laces all the way down the glass.
    Customers drink with their eyes as well as their mouths.

    • Hi Tracy, Probably best using your glass washer, but if you follow manufactures safety guide lines, rubber gloves etc, I think you will be fine. You will be amazed at the difference in your beer quality. Let us know.@

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