Draw back on cask lines


    Hi we have three handpulls that draw back on their lines they’re on flowjets on a 3-4 metre line, what should I be looking at? Handpull cylinders? Flowjets? Can’t find check valves on the system…..


    1. Check valves would be directly behind the handpull, inline.

      Usually when you pull on the handle the line pressure drops, then (if turned on) the flowjet cuts in to replace whats being taken out of the line.

      If you pull the handlepull too quickly and let go the handle will spring back. I assume this is what you are referring to. If you pull the handle and wait a sec for the flowjet to catch up and the handle stays there then everything is working as it should.
      Perhaps the flowjet pressure needs adjustment to speed up this process slightly. But that may agitate the ale like everything it is all about compromise and patience.

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