Easy to use python!


[face=Arial]Hi, just wondering if anybody can help with my python dilemma?! We run a mobile bar and use a 20m 6 line python, as you can imagine it is a real pain to roll the large beast up at the end of an event so I wondered what the smallest diameter pipe we could use over 20m if we were to manufacture a new python or if anyone could recommend a company that sells an easy to reel up system!

Thanks in advance, any help would be gratefully received!![/face]


  1. There used to be 5/16 pipe around years ago so it must still be out there, but on your length of run it would slow the dispense speed down dramatically don’t think it would be worth all the hassle. 6 line python isn’t that bad is it? It’s when you get to 16 and 18 line that it becomes a problem. If it’s only 6 lines do you need it so long? I get away with about 25ft. :-/

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