Extra Cold condensation effect.


Hi all.

I’ve just built my very own home bar and have Tennents Lager on draft running through a Maxi 310 cooler.

I would like to have the extra cold condensation effect on my Tennents font but I think my tap is not suitable for this.

I have a python line just over a metre in length running from the Maxi 310 to the font which the recirculation lines attach to the Tennents font.

The Lager is cold and the water is flowing through the recirculation lines no problem but there is no condensation on the font.

I have seen twos types of the same fonts, one says extra cold the other doesn’t and unfortunately I have the one that doesn’t. Could this be why I’m not getting condensation?

After opening the light compartment on the font I can see the the recirculation lines stop at the bottom of the font and the dispense line goes to the top to the tap (point of exit)

I’m I right in thinking that the extra cold fonts are different and the recirculation line is different?

How does the recirculation line make the font cold?

Any help/Advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance



  1. First question: Who made the Font.

    Ask them about the types of Font I would expect they will be very helpfull as they may make a sale

  2. in pubs they have a large remote cooler with anything up to ten lines, meaning that ten fonts on the bar can be kept cold at the same time,
    then, for something that gives the effect of the font “sweating”, to me is just a sales gimmick, the punters think it must be cold as the font is sweating, and that effect is created by a line from the flash cooler under the bar ,so,you have two pipes with cold water going through the font at the same time,
    one from the remote in the cellar to keep the product on the bar cold,
    the line from the flash cooler just going around the base ,or may be halfway up inside the font, to give the effect that its colder than it is, if you have it to cold, you could have what is called a chill haze in the beer /lager, and if ales and stout are to cold ,you could have flat beer being dispensed ,

  3. Just because there’s water lines in the font it doesn’t mean it will condensate.

    Usually If you can open it up and see them it isn’t going to condensate as the water lines are only there to chill the product to the tap.

    A tell tale sign is if there’s somewhere on the font for the condensation to drop into the drip tray from to save the condensation going all over the bar.

    If you did get yourself an extra cold condensation font a maxi 310 would easily chill it on a run that small

  4. Not sure if this post is still active but the font that you have will have the cold lines running through it but they will be insulated inside so you wont get the condensation that you want try taling it apart pull the recirculation lines out un insulate them then put them back in
    Or buy another pump that has this already


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