Extra Cold Beer Pods


Something you will be able to tell your Grand Children…….

“I remember the Pods”.

No I don’t mean the escape pods from Star Trek or the ipod. I refer to the object that sends shudders down the backs of Landlords and sends bar staff scurrying for mops and buckets.

Away from the prying eyes of customers but in full view of everyone else we have the pods which seem to get bigger and take up more space every time you look at them, they would be more at home on the set of the Scorpion King.

I don’t mean those untidy things that used to fit so neatly into the bottom shelf, screaming at you to fill with water or change a fan motor or recirc pump.

How it is now

No I refer to this cutting edge stuff, these wonderful objects are so neat and compact they can be fitted in any position and tucked well out of the way, if only.

The problem with this type of pod as the picture shows an engineer can install one of these albeit very neatly, but then along comes another to install one or two around the initial installation; time is not allocated to move or reinstall the first one to a better position to make room, so the space under the bar then begins to look like a pigs breakfast.

The second generation or later pods are now hopefully well lagged, gone are the days when you expected to see Kevin Costner climb out with gills, webbed hands and feet, then it was condensation fonts above the bar, and “Water World” below.

The principal behind the pod was sound however the design has shown it to be flawed in practice, it has turned simple bar installs into a mess, the blame doesn’t really lie with anyone in particular, the sooner different sizes of the extra cold remote are introduced in some measure the better. Bars can then return to just fonts and pythons behind the bar. So the basic principal of no coolers at all behind the bar can be maintained. but this would mean more pythons to run from the cellar, but then that’s a story for another day.


  1. with the cost of electric used to cool not only the product,but the font,the room and anything in the vicinity;it’s about time they got rid of extra cold,or at least get rid of the drippy fonts.Is it because the brewers don’t pick up the electric bill?

  2. 2flow, you have got to be joking, installed this in a cooler and it rotted the cooler to bits in 2 weeks. What ever is in 2flow it eats the metalwork on coolers so watch out for spilling or leaks!

  3. In all honesty,ive double chilled products twice through remotes and ive never had a complaint yet.
    Who needs all that under bar mess with pods etc?.. There wasnt superchilled this and that when i was a lad!! eeeh,those were the days… 😉

  4. In warmer climates like here in Singapore we use coldplates to chill the beer under counter from a remote glycol unit and we point blank refuse to install condensating founts as that gimic has had it’s day and bar owners have realized that not only do they foot the extra electrical costs and have to deal with the clean up but that the cooling that was meant to maintain or drop the beer temperature is being wasted on a marketing gimic


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