Faulty Regulator?


Hi guys, great site, I feel like I’ve looking for it for years.

I have a problem with my gas dispense, the bottles are definatley full on the 70/30 however the regulator shows empty when hooked up and no gas passes through it, I was wondering if it was possible that the regulator might be faulty, I have a parallel 60/40 line which has no problems and I’ve tested the 70/30 bottles on this line and they work fine.

any suggestions?

the gas bottles and regulators are outside of the cold cellar due to space would the warmer temperature be affecting it?

Of course this happens on a friday so no call out possible until Mon/Tue which means I’m binning 3 kegs of ale.




  1. Hi Paul, Sods law these things happen over the weekend. Anyway back to your problem. From the way you describe your problem you have drawn the right conclusion yourself. Primary gas regulators CO2 or Mixed Gas can go faulty very quickly. No gas exiiting the regulator means the valve has failed and will not pass gas or indicate pressure. The fact your gas bottles and regulators are stored outside the cellar and in a warmer temperature will not affect their performance.
    Some brewers fit duplicate valves so that this situation does not arise. This type of fault used to be classed as an emergency callout and warrant a 4 hour call-out.I would get back on to your service provider and kick ass!

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