Flat Beer


Please help! Have a part sat night and my keg of Carling just isn’t right!?

i have a home bar with a beer cooler at 6c that is a fixed temp. 3m of 3/8” line, co2 gas which I’ve purged through first valve then second valve, and checked out of pipe just before coupler. So I’m sure of gas getting to keg.

beer connected up at 5pm turned gas on heard it reach keg, cooler reached 5c.

no regulator on the tap so it delivers very fast. No problem with a normal head and no throthing after 3rd pint pulled. Some bubbles in beer initially then nothing – Pressure turned up to 30psi, have tried 20psi on second valve- not sure how long to wait for an effect..?

but beer bloody flat every time.

what the hell am I going to do. I can’t sleep. And really gutted!
If anyone reads this in time and can advise what I’m doing wrong please help!!


  1. Perhaps the easiest question you’ve said it looks flat does it taste flat? You can check how much gas is in the liquid by quickly pouring from one glass to another over and over. If it is the bubbles in the glass that you are short of. Could be down to the glasses you are using. Carling glasses have different widgets in the bottom.

    Have you put a thermometer in the glass if the beer is too cold it won’t break out of the liquid straight away. You are doing the wrong thing by turning the gas up that just holds the gas in suspension longer and ruin the beer if you do not use it in one night. Also if the glasses are cleaned in a dishwasher doesn’t help. Or failing that it could just be the beer itself.

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