Flat lager


I am suffering with flat lager. Im running 70/30 gas using a cooler. The tempruter is good but the flow is mega fast and the lager is as flat as a card. Please help!!!


  1. For Lager you should really be using 60/40 Mixed gas. If you are not selling it that fast using 30/70 gas, the Co2 will break out of the liquid as you empty the container so it can be pretty flat when it reaches the bottom :-/.

  2. Doesn’t matter what gas you are using then the first beer out of the container should be ok. What lager are you selling? what is the cellar temp? what cooling system do you have? etc.etc.etc. Probably best to call out your local technician, there can be many reasons for this problem, he can check everything over for you.

  3. Nicoteen Rush is correct. Another possible cause for investigation is your glass ware. There is an article on this site which demonstrates how to do a simple test for grease on your glasses. You could use a brand new unused glass and see how your beer serves in that.Poor glass maintenance will kill your beer head dead.Also check your glass washer.Make sure it is not over dosing detergent.

  4. Silly thing,we’ve had 2 tins of Carling come in off the Dray that had no gas pressure.(11 gallon,blue seal Coors connectors).
    The dead giveaway is that,on connection,you hear the singing sigh of compressed gas entering the tin.
    Did you hear that noise when you coupled up the tin?
    If so possibly you’ve got a dud.This doesn’t generally happen twice on the trot however.

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