Float keeps dropping in Cellarbuoy



Make sure the keg is full and the gas is turned on.

This could be caused by a faulty extractor within the keg. Change the keg, and bleed the fob detector, checking if the glass fills up correctly.

If it still fills with gas, the problem may lie with the keg connector.

  • Firstly make sure the extractor on the top of the keg is free from dirt or bits of plastic.
  • Check that the rubber seal on the bottom of the keg connector is in place and in good condition, free from splits.
  • If your local technician has instructed you on how to change these seals, and left you spares, damaged seals should be replaced.

If the float still keeps dropping contact your local Technical Services.


  1. Hi, I run a bar where i have several different beers. My problem is when i do a line clean. With almost all lines when i put line clean solution into it i can only bleed of 1/2 a pint at a time before having to go back into the cellar to relase the cellarbuoy, even when i only connect 1 line to the line clean pipe. Am i doing something wrong???
    Please help..

  2. If it is only happening when line cleaning try this using just water. Are you turning off the gas above each container (especially the mixed gases)? You do not need them on to clean the lines only the gas that drives the cleaning pump.

    Because some cleaning sockets are made of plastic they do not provide a very good seal and gas can seep into the cleaning main, thus causing the floats to drop. It would still be a good idea to bleed off each cellarbuoy in turn to make sure.

    You can also check the liquid going up to the cleaning pump is free of bubbles. Check that the joint on the top of the cap of the cleaning bottle is tight,and isn’t sucking in air; unscrew the cap on the cleaning bottle and make sure the downpipe on the underside of the cap is pushed firmly home. Hope this helps?

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