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I am quite new to this game but have a few questions dotted over the site so here goes.

We were doing quite a small event a couple of weeks ago and had John Smiths and Carslberg flowing very nicely. We were using 70/30 with a mixed gas reg and all of a sudden had a drop in flow on both lines.

Does anyone know the likely cause of this, we changed gas bottles, regs and checked for any leaks however it stayed the same and the flow didnt pick up, luckily it was right at the end of the night however it bugged me as i could not figure it out?

Any ideas??



  1. Hi, Sounds to me like a gas problem which is affecting both products simultaneously. Not being patronising here, but when you turn on the gas at the bottle always open the valve completely. It has happened to me where I turned on the gas one turn only and initially gas flowed but then stopped. Did you release the keg couplers and check for gas coming out? Are flow regulators fitted? Maybe and it is a slight maybe did they become blocked?

  2. When you have something like this it is usually something simple or silly. The pressure in the containers will push out beer for a while then slow right down. Always the best way is to take the coupler off and then put it on you can usually tell from the loudness of the gas blowing through if you have full gas pressure. Otherwise your guess is as good as anyones.

  3. G’day harticus1,

    Odd to relate but there was a very similar snag at my regular mucking out venue last Friday evening.

    This was Stowford Press Cider and a CO2 gas feed.This is gas driven,no flojet.

    Having poured correctly early evening (I was there partaking thereof) I was told the following morning that it hadn’t been performing from shortly after I made away.

    The working crew tried changing the tin,despite the fact that the tin was around 7 gallons full,and the CO2 cylinder,despite the fact that it was well full,been on for 3 days generally we will get 10 days or so out of one.

    Report of no joy.

    Saturday morning I was appraised of the difficulties experienced and so asked the first question,”What’s it doing now?”

    The gaffer pulled the handle on both sides of the bar and all seemed correct.

    A quick shufti at the cellar revealed absolutely nothing at all.The gas pressure was adequate on the original cylinder,the noise from the keg connector sounded about right so the secondary regulator hasn’t been farted about with.The non return valve ball was rattling back and forth with very little encouragement and the seals on the bayonet connector were,and still are,fine.

    I’m starting to think that this was the perception of a busy but inexperienced member of the working crew wanting their end to move more rapidly in the attempt to keep up with the demands of the customers.

    Having made my own exhaustive tests over the last few days,as a paying customer you understand (late to work again today.Oh dear,what a pity,how sad never mind) no fault of the given description has arisen.

    Dunno.That’s all I can give you.If you find a snag please tell us.

    Good Luck,Good Ale,Alex.

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