Flushing between casks.


When I change from an empty cask to full I always flush the line with clean cold water. I was told tonight that this should never be done by two of my customers but this is what I have been trained to do and a method I have used for over 5 years now. Are they correct? I do my normal line clean every Wednesday but always flush the system on a cask change. Thanks Dawn.


  1. The ideal would be clean the line every time you change casks, to remove old yeast from the line so it doesn’t infect the new beer (this prevents another problem we used to call wild yeast). However in the real world I would say you are absolutely right cleaning once a week and flushing out with plenty of water inbetween you won’t go far wrong. Would be interesting to know why they have told you this is wrong.

  2. Thanks for putting my mind at rest Maverick. Most of my customers like to think they know so much more than me and love to tell me im doing wrong as often as possible I guess. They were coming up with all sorts from its wasting beer to wasting time etc. But in my eyes you would waste so much more putting a fresh cask on dirty lines and having customers bring it back etc. Thanks again Dawn x

  3. Hey Dawn didn’t you realise that all blokes are experts on beer. And you a woman, what could you possibly know. Tell these know it alls to sup up and shut up.

  4. Yeah a good blast of cold water is enough for changing cask beer. You only need to remove the previous beer out of the line.

    As long as you are cleaning the line regularly its fine. Just bare in mind the customer is never right.

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