Flushing water out of lines (during closure)


Our brewery has advised that, during the closedown, that all lines should be cleaned as normal, the line left open and flush of all water, until there is air in the pipe. (for upto two months).

I have just completed this with our freeflow products, but we continue to have two pumps that are measured. This means that once there is no water the cellarbouy stops anything being pulled through and I dont believe you can forced open, like the freeflow cellarbouy’s.

So on these two pumps Im left with the cellarbouy half full and the lines lines still holding water. Is there an easy way that I can bleed the water out of the lines, or is it a tech services job?

Thanks for the advice, (i’ll be contacting the brewery tomorrow for advice, but hopefully I can get a quick answer here, and get on with it).



  1. I don’t know you can drain all water out of the system, there will always be water left in the line. By leaving the taps open it will stagnate quicker. A much better solution would be to give the lines a real good clean making sure all yeast is out of the system and fully flushing the system with 10 litres of water on each tap. Then filling the lines with ‘Guardian ‘this will keep the lines fresh for up to six months. Otherwise flush with water weekly or fortnightly or you will end up with that stagnant water smell and taste that you get when you use a line that hasn’t been used for a while.
    I have nothing to do with the company by the way.

  2. Thats the stuff that the brewery has suggested to use if this carries on over the 2 months, though they do suggest pulling air throught the lines in the short term.

    Do you suggest purchasing and using this product straight away?

    I’m still waiting for instructions from them, as with all this going on, I forgot it was the weekend. 😮

    I’ll repost an update once they get back to me. 😉

  3. In my view it looks as if it will go on longer there would be no need to clean the lines straight away you can leave it a while, but it will need a very thorough clean before using the guardian powder. If you’ve already cleaned the lines you may have to clean them again by the time you get delivery of guardian. I can’t remember how to blow gas through metered valves. It’s been a while.

  4. To empty beer meters that use gas pumps:
    1. Put fob detector on to clean setting
    2.Connect coupler on to cleaning system that is not connected to water.ie empty non pressurised cleaning bottle. Leave gas pump turned on , but not keg coupler gas.
    3. Operate meter at bar as normal. Most if not all water will be emptied from beer line.

  5. Thanks Boz I wasn’t sure if that was the case. I still think it is going to go on for a month or so and the best solution to use Guardian to prevent the stagnant water smell and taste.

  6. FYI.

    I got intouch today with cellar services and they were going to send someone out to drain the line.

    By afternon the rep got onto me and said they were no longer doing calls. (which I was amazed they were doing in the first place).

    The advice is to use Guardian, or leave the water in and flush at least every two weeks to avoid tainting.

    I suppose I could try and find some Guardian, but with the current situation it may be next to impossible and not advisable. So regular water flushing it is.

    Thanks hoppy, Boz. 😉

  7. Yes,use guardian powder, will save time and a bit of trouble with lines later , but remember to FLUSH through with clean cold water before connecting beer kegs /casks .

  8. thanks. I’m still waiting for the Guardian to turn up, there is a understandable delay in delivery, but i’ll get it done asap.

    I think just about everything, apart from the alarm is off. Cooling, fridges emptied – turned off and open, glass washer & ice machine off and open, tv’s, gambling machines, optics down and locked away. Sorting the lines is the only thing, i can think of, that needs handled while this shutdown continues, (still have the option of flushing water through regularly if Guardian doesnt arrive).



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