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Gas primary valvesHi
The outside bar cooler I have inherited has posed a problem for me: the CO2 cylinder has a male coupling and we need a female coupling to fit the equipment we use for outside bars. Do you know if there is a fitting that will fit the coupling we have? Many thanks, Anni :'(


  1. thumb_mixed_gas_bottle1The outside bar equipment you have inherited has probably been using 30/70 mixed gas to dispense the beer. Which really is the best solution for outside bars, less problems with fobbing etc as it is sold quick enough not to cause any flat taste problems. However if you wish to use Co2 you will have to invest in a Co2 Primary valve as there is no adapter. Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Many thanks – I have asked a few folk this and got no answer -n excellent – we now know. You have made a stresses woman feel happier! 🙂

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