Gas issues



i have my own draught  bar at home with one lager pump running of 60/40 gas.

Over xmas beer dispensed without an issue however wasn’t quite as fizzy as normal.

1. Does 60/40 gas go off? I only very occasionally use the bar and gas bottle would be at least 3 to 4 years old

2  the bottle is showing 1000 psi on the gauge is this enough or is it running low?

3  when I pull water through the system it has stopped a couple of times as if the gas has gone? I disconnect and reconnect and it works again?

Any help greatly appreciated






  1. From the gas bottle, you have/Need. A secondary Valve, set at a pressure to the beer /lager in the keg,
    If you have to disconnect the keg connector from the ring main, sounds like there is not enough gas coming from the secondary valve, may need to raise the pressure a little, But only a little, at a time. Till every thing is working OK.

  2. Sometimes the gas valve screws need turning and purging, then wound back.
    I had this issue, and also found that keg coupling wasn’t good enough and had enough of a leak to effect the fizz of a healthy beer after a day. I remedied that with a new coupler and after a week Stella still gased up. I always check with a flat glass. Hope this helps.

    • No, No No, never alter the gas valve settings, they don’t need screwing out then in again,
      The times I have been to accounts that have thought that they knew better than the brewery technology service, there advice, and mine is
      ” Don’t touch things that you clearly know nothing about,
      The brewery’s and tech service will have an easier job.

  3. Is there a gauge on the Sec valve this should be set to 35psi by a competent person. Who knows what happens to gas after 3 or 4 years but your gas may be running out that may be why your lager tasted a bit flat.

    • That is not true. Both are completely right for lager dispensing, however you have to make sure to lower the pressure if using 100% CO2.

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