Gas pressure


Ok I have had a bar in my shed for over 12 months and the c02 for my carling has always been set to 20 psi, however the last month or so it seems as though there’s not enough pressure. The tap pushes back easily like theres no pressure with no cluncking sound. If I turn the gas up to 25 -26 psi its ok again but I’am then getting about a 2inch head on my beer. I have just fitted a brand new mini remote cooler and theres an extra cold pod under the counter. I have also just purchased a gas pressure test gauge and my psi setting are all correct.


  1. hi Alan you have a very good system for a shed. You haven’t inadvertently kinked the pipe slowing the gas going into the container? Co2 is notorious for problems in an un-chilled cellar but you should be ok this time of year. I would slow down the dispense speed and start from there.

  2. Thanks for your reply I have double checked and there are no kinks in the pipe work i have set my co2 to 22psi and turned down the flow rate I will let you know how I get on. If it stays the same I might try a bottle of 60/40 mixed gas.

  3. Not sure how you have got on Alan, but Carling can vary from keg to keg sometimes and a system working perfectly can have issues with a single keg. Also note if you do decide to move to mixed gas you will need a new primary gas valve as the bottle connections are different. Mixed gas will solve most problems and is much more tolerant to temperature variations.

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