Gas pressure for Carlsberg



Please could someone tell me the correct pressure of CO2 for Carlsberg.



  1. You should call out Tech Service however Carlsberg doesn’t have it own dedicated tech services any more It all depends on the Cellar Temperature if you are lucky to have a gauge on the secondary reg and the cellar temp is 13 degrees Centigrade the top pressure should be around 18psi.

    If not do not adjust it yourself you should call out tech Services because the problem you are experiencing is probably caused by something else.

  2. Thanks Nicoteenrush

    I do outside bars and up until now have been using Fosters lager with a CO2 pressure of about 30psi (set by my tech guy). This has worked pretty well and luckily I do not seem to have had too much of a problem with frothy beer, even in the summer.

    I have been asked to do an outside bar with Carlsberg (the customer’s preference), hence my question. 18psi seems a little low, and I suspect my keg temperatures are going to be more like 18-20 degrees centigrade. I do have a gauge on the secondary reg.

  3. If is working OK for fosters it would probably work ok for Carlsberg 18psi would be too low anyway for an outside bar, there is no regulated cellar temperature. For outside bars I prefer to use 30/70 mixed gas you can usually dispense it a bit faster, and you sell it fast enough so as not to lose too much top pressure.

  4. My boss has a very poorly run cellar. Ive lived in pubs and my dads cellar was his pride and joy. So this infuriates me, yet my boss wont let me do anything at all except change a barrell. Theres been excessive fobbing for months. We lose around 6 pints generally in a shift of 6-8 hours. I think the gas is set wrong. He has cleaned lines. I saw him do this. Hes not interested in sorting it as its not his money hes wasting. The cellar mostly reads. 72 – 74. Never below that. Which is way too high iknow!!! Try telling him that. Any suggestions how i can solve this without treading on toes???

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