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Hi Folks,

I am just a home brewer and I use 14lb CO2 bottles to push my beer out; recently my supplier doubled the price of a 14lb bottle to £20.
Surely this can’t be right? Have you all been horrified by similar, or do I have a little personal battle on my hands? Grrr…



  1. Hi John, £20 seems a bit steep to me. I live in Manchester and I pay about £16 for a 14lb cylinder. I don’t know of any reason why CO2 prices should go up. Other than shopping around not much you can do really. Gas suppliers used to do 7lb cylinders but they are hard to come by. I suppose if you got hold of a decent 7lb one you could just take it and get it filled might be cheaper. If you started putting your homebrew in bag-in-the-box then you wouldn’t need CO2. Imagine that, small brewers use this technology to great success…only a thought. Cheers mate. Oh, and don’t get mad just get even!

  2. Cheers for kind response Bar Fly, hey a fellow Mancy! How you coping with this Sun object thing?

    Yeah, I actually got round to scrutinising the collection note and they have cocked up haven’t they, I did query it at the time but this quite surly “lady” just sort of grunted at me, so I scurried out (squeak) but I will be in tomorrow to ‘get even’ 🙂

    Crikey I thought those bag in a box things were total history, I have an old Dave Line book which I still use as a guide for my brews, he was a fan of those boxes.

    My real problem is this CO2 “disappearance” problem, I will check again for leaks tomorrow with my new bottle connected, do you reckon the wildly varying temperatures in my shed could be an issue? I can’t think it through.

    BYW mate 14lb Co2 costs £10.12 (usually) from LWC Ltd in Openshawe but you have to open an account, I use my pals Sailing club’s account.

    I’ll let you know how things go.


  3. Hi Bar Fly,

    Well I gave them a good grilling but £20 it is… this outrageous increase is apparently due to people not returning the cylinders which doesn’t make any sense to me, surely they should raise the deposits?
    May I ask where you get your gas from, you don’t have to tell me I do realise the beer industry is a bit of a closed shop so I will understand.
    So after this cylinder runs out I may either jump ship or just return to bottling, bit of a faff but these PET pop bottles are pretty damn good.


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