The gas valve is icing up in the cellar.


frozen mixed gas valve


The gas valve is icing up in the cellar.


  1. Hi,

    Does this happen during peak times? It could be that you are suffering from gas starvation i.e. the current set up can’t cope with the demand.

  2. If that hasn’t happened while you where cleaning the lines, then it is most certainly a gas leak. You should put out a call to tech services in the meantime ventilate the cellar, it may be 30/70 gas but it is still 30% Co2 and could smother you if you fall over.

  3. Thats a helluva leak! First thing check there is an ‘o’ ring present on the valve stem that screws into the bottle,then also make sure nobody has left a connector on the cleaning main with the gas in ‘on’ position on the secondary valve. Spray around everywhere too with the good old washing up liquid/water mix

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