Glass care made easy


Is this glass washing product a game changer? Called Complete, it is manufactured by Proton a leading manufacturer of Innovative, technologically advanced chemical hygiene solutions. Complete is a specially formulated glasswash system comprising of detergent with renovate qualities and rinse aid. It is designed for constant use ensuring glasses are always in pristine condition without the need to Renovate. This is obviously a tremendous saving of time and money. The monthly chore of Renovating your drinks glasses is no longer required. The glasswash detergent and rinse aid work together to keep glasses clean, dry and ensures no protein build-ups occur, that normally need an additional Renovate. Complete does not damage branded or etched nucleated glasses.

So is it a game changer? Glass care is such an important aspect of the licensed trade and one that is so often neglected. It is fundamental for maximising profits and product consistency to have a proper glass cleaning regime in place. Whilst normal glass cleaning may be carried out renovating is often done on a hit or miss basis, so to have a product that incorporates two procedures in one must be a good innovation.
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