Glass Care



  • Often the most neglected item in the bar, a dirty glass can ultimately destroy all your hard work and care in trying to serve the perfect pint .We cannot overstate the importance of a good glass washing regime in all types of bar.
  • Bearing in mind how much glasses get used it is quite understandable they can get pretty grotty.

Why are clean glasses such an important part of serving a perfect pint?

  • A dirty glass can transmit disease.
  • Grease on the glass will affect the appearance of your beer and make it serve flat.
  • A clean glass will enhance the appearance of your beer.

So how do we keep our glasses properly clean?

  • We recommend that you purchase a good glass washing machine .You might think you can clean your glasses in a sink with a drop of Fairy glasswasher1liquid, and that will do .Not so. Firstly many Environmental Health Officers may not approve of such methods. Secondly it does not work.
  • In the modern bar environment it is essential to have a proper consistent method of washing glassware .A glass washing machine used correctly can guarantee such results always.
  • When using a glass washer it is important to have it regularly serviced. Correct glass washing detergents and rinse aids should be used and periodically a glass renovator.
  • A glass renovator product used perhaps every 4 weeks will remove any accrued grease and dirt and put your glasses in pristine condition. Only use glass washers for dirty glasses, preferably beer glasses only. Other drinks glasses that have been used for creamy liqueurs such as Baileys may contaminate the glass washer with grease. Never put dirty dishes or coffee cups in the glass washer.
  • Glass storage is a vital component of good glass care. There is no point in having wonderfully clean glasses only to stack them on a dirty shelf.
  • Glass storage mats should be used on all surfaces where glasses are stored .It is best practice to let glasses dry naturally and not use cloths; these may transfer grease or germs.

And finally

  • Glasses do not last forever, if they become scratched get new ones, they are cheap enough and will make your beers look great.



  1. Another important thing to check is that the dose rate of the detergent and rinse aid are correct. Too little will give a poor clean and bad finish, too much and you are wasting money as well as adding other issues such as increased foaming and film deposition.

    Also have the wash and rinse temperatures checked by an engineer, a glasswasher should wash at 50-55 degrees centigrade and rinse at 60 to 65 degrees centigrade. Any hotter and you will not only damage the glass but could also cause thermal shock which makes glasses spontaneously shatter when they hit cold air.

    Also remember if you are using a standard glasswasher and not a fresh water one that the wash tank should be emptied every 3-4 cycles otherwise by the end of the night you will be washing glasses in filthy water and you’ll have very poor results.

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