Glass washers smell of egg.


Hi -whilst our glass-washers are cleaned weekly and all levels topped up etc we do smell a strong egg smell from time to time. Is there anything that you recommend putting in the cycle to get rid of this problem. Obviously deposits in the machine or pipes staring to smell.


  1. Are you sure it’s coming from the glass washer. I find it can be the waste pipe itself, the bit that the machine waste pipe hook empties into, especially if there is a distance to the “U bend”. A bit of bleach sprayed in there usually does the trick. It goes without saying never put any bleach or line cleaner in the Glass washer.

  2. I agree. It sounds like your drains. Get a plumber to take the waste pipes off and clean the traps out. Have had experience of this, you will be surprised what goes through glasswasher.

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