Glasswasher -dead glasses


ive run some new glasses through my glasswasher, it is clean, it’s never been contaminated. I used Renovate on the new glasses as per instructions.

is there a correct ratio, rinse aid to detergent ? Currently it’s roughly 1:3


  1. If you have a high usage of Cask ales the I would recommend using Liquid Renovate as the Detergent with the absolute minimum amount of Rinseaid and 3 Detergent to 1 Rinseaid is rather on the high side 1:4 is the lowest that I would recommend and 1:10 would still work. Rinseaid breaks down the surface tension on the rinse water so that it evaporates quickly if the dosage is too high then it can cause flat beer. for the Glasswashing Results guide.

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