Glasswasher – keep it clean


glass washerNext to keeping your beer lines in good clean condition, glass-washer cleanliness is the next most important.

One of the most neglected pieces of kit in any pub or bar is usually the most important one , your glass-washer. To serve beers in top condition it is essential to have an efficient clean machine that is both regularly maintained and sanitised.

What is the point of all the effort of brewers producing and delivering beer and you also having to pay your hard earned profit to buy it, only for it to be served in a grotty glass. It just doesn’t look poor ,with no head or lacing but it is affecting your profit margins.

People are said to drink with their eyes, so bearing this in mind would you be likely to have another pint if the first was like a cup of of cold tea….I think not.

So here is a plea on behalf of your neglected old friend the glasswasher.

Firstly it will not last for ever, if it is old knackered and past it,then get rid of it, a new one will soon pay for itself.

Secondly treat your glass-washer with the respect it deserves, have it regularly serviced, and the dosing rates of detergent and rinse aid checked. Too much of either can affect your glasses dramatically.

Thirdly, clean it out regularly.

Cleaning a glass-washer is simple and does not take very long. Check your owners manual for the correct instructions. If you do not have an operators manual then just use your common sense. Use an old toothbrush and clean out all the acrued dirt. Give it a good hot rinse and then put it through a couple of cycles using a suitable sanitiser.

Lastly do not forget a glass-washer is for glasses only and not for coffee cups, dishes,

or glasses that have been used to serve creamy liqueurs such as Baileys, wash these in a separate sink.

Treat your glass-washer like a friend it will save you money.


  1. We drink in a bar where the bar staff renovate the glass in the sink why not in the machine I don’t know, does this make any difference to the lager as we always seem to have flat lager. Please help we need a nice pint of lager.

  2. Hello Collin, Flat lager can be caused by many things from not properly Renovating, the glass has been over Renovated and has become damaged (Renovating too often makes a glass overclean and can damage the surface and the head keeper).

    If they are using the wrong detergent and rinse aid for glasswashing then this can also have an impact.

    You are right though that Renovate can be used in machines as well as in the sink.

    Away from the glass they could have an issue with their gas system.

    I would suggest they get a cellar tech to check everything out.

    • STOP gas system is so miss understood. gas is only to push the beer out of the keg not to put gas into the beer. if you said your lemonade is flat yes it could be the gas because the gas is put into the water then is mix with the lemonade mix to make your lemonade. gas is not put into the beer at the outlet.

  3. My glass washer is a swine to clean. So many nooks n crannys it builds up so quick. I want to replace but what can I replace it for? How can you just find a system with an open box that you push glasses into with jets too and bottom. My one has corners behind corners!! Rubbish

  4. We have the Eco 2 at my work and it has been neglected before I took over cleaning duties. I’ve tried to clean it to the best of my ability in the time I’ve had, but every time I do, it dislodges dirt which ends up on the glasses in washing. How do I give it a full clean without it leaving this black stuff all over the glasses??

    • Speaking from experience it’s best to run the machine cycle and empty it out at least twice before washing glasses in the machine again after cleaning, this washes and empties the dirt that get’s loose after cleaning. It takes me a while to clean the machine properly and run the cycle a couple of times.

  5. The heating element of our glasswasher is covered with a spikey crystalline substance that looks like limescale but isn’t (hot vinegar does nothing to it). Does anyone know what it is, and how to remove it? Thanks.

    (Good article, also. I freaking hate dirty glasses.)

    • Like the heating element in your electric kettle, heating elements will attract scale over a period. Provided you clean the glass washer regularly I don’t think it is an issue. I wouldn’t try and scrape it off it would probably damage the element.
      Some people might suggest a proprietary dishwasher descaler but I wouldn’t like to try that. Perhaps one of our Chemically minded subscribers could make a recommendation to resolve your problem. Thanks for the nice comment.

      • I have had this issue in the past, the best solution I have found is professional descaler, it’s generally phosphoric acid (same as consumer descaler) but cheaper. Works a treat for us, put it in to the water tank once hot, leave for about 5-10 mins and run 1 cycle, drain then wipe element clean should look like new after

  6. Can you put driptrays and beer runners through the dishwasher..we had an engineer out last week and he said we shouldn’t..but we have been doing it for the last 14 years without a problem

  7. I always clean the glass washer out with the line cleaner when I clean the pipes then drain it and rinse then drain again then you can use your nice clean glass washer

    • I used to use a bit of line cleaner to get rid of the build up of yeast, about once a month. I used to think it was great until I read the instructions on a new glasswasher and it advised against it, apparently it damages some of the metal components.

  8. We have a gravity drain glass washer which we have moved and the drain pipe is not as low as it was. The glasswasher appears to be overheating; could drainage be the problem?

  9. The glasses in the pub I work in are not drying there will still be water inside glasses even after the have cooled how do I fix this

  10. Hi Donna
    Only just seen your request. I write the Glasswashing Results Guide for Cask Marque which will fully explain how to get excellent results. The problem that you have could probably be resolve by using LIQUID Glasswashing Renovate on a continuous basis. You can find the information on our Website or give me a call 03703502424

  11. We has a small classeq glass washer ,however lately we have found black spots on the glasses, its stripped and cleaned once a month , can anyone recommend a cleaning solution ?

  12. Hi Eddie, the black spots will be wild yeast. As a basic step I would recommend that you leave the door of the Glasswasher open overnight as the bacteria will dry out and die. I would recommend a change to a liquid chlorinated Detergent (sometimes known as Renovate) and preferably use it continuously. If you have a high usage of Cask Ales or Red wines then most definitely make the change. The advice is in the Cask Marque guide or on our website or please contact me directly.

  13. Having just taken over the bar as CV-19 closed us I am working my way through all the areas. As far as I can see the glass washer was just emptied and switched off. What should i be doing to leave it in the best condition ready to reopen.

  14. I would put your glasswasher on a hot rinse cycle and when it is finished leave the door slightly open. I would do this every couple of weeks to keep things moving and fresh.

  15. Leaving the door open overnight (if possible) is strongly advised as the bacteria will dry out and die. Black or beige slime is a sign of wild yeast and will be eliminated using a chlorinated product (Glasswashing Renovate). Simply wiping it away is not sufficient as it will reform. Pink is usually water algae.

    Again Chlorinated products have excellent disinfection properties and at lower temperatures and should eliminate the risks of cross-contamination in this COVID era.

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