Glasswasher Rinse Aid Level


I have a DIHR Derby 40 Glasswasher which I spent several hours this morning meticulously cleaning but I am unsure whether the rinse aid level is correct on it?!? It has an automatic detergent level on it but the rinse aid I can change. Does anybody know what level it should be on as I believe that too much rinse aid is hitting the glasses and thus making all my pints flat when dispensing beer!


  1. A tip on setting up rinse aid. Turn the rinse aid completely off. Fill the machine and let it heat up. Once the machine is at it optimum temperature, 55 deg C for the wash tank and 65 deg C for the rinse boiler, put the machine though a cycle with glasses in the machine. On completion of the first cycle, there should be water globules on the glasses. Increase the rinse aid slowly sending the machine though a cycle after each adjustment, until the water starts to sheet off. At this point the rinse aid is breaking down the surface tension of the water and is set correctly. In my experience, very little rinse aid is required if your detergent is doing it’s job correctly and cleaning the glasses. It is possible to over set rinse aid to compensate for under performing detergent, this will give you problems on head retention and lacing of your products. The chemical manufacturers or your supplier should be able to give you advise on dilution rates etc.?

  2. Or like mine I found a small hole caused by a little bit of chafing so when the suction pump was trying to draw rinse aid in to machine it was drawing air in.


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