Guinness problems

guinness couplerHi all,
i have just recently built a pub shed, everything is amazing lager is working perfectly (until it runs out and I have to buy another keg!) apart from my Guinness. When we had the opening day the Guinness was OK, it poured a bit quick but it looked like a normal pint of Guinness and was fine all day and night. The next time I came up to the pub (shed) to pour a pint of Guinness about 5-6 days later it poured just black, flat and no head whatsoever. I’ve messed around with the regulator and cleaned the lines but it is still the same just coming out really quick with no head at all. I am a complete novice at this so would really appreciate any advice to solve this issue.


  1. as your bar is in a shed in the garden, the last few days/nights have been a bit ..chilly. so, the keg, guinness, could be to cold, in a club, pub, you can regulate tempriture to within a few degreese ,out side in a shed you cant,
    OR, the gas has emptied from the co2 bottle and has used the remaining gas from the keg, and a little from the guinness, then you may have realized thst gas is off, and put a new bottle on, but that will not replace gas in the stout,
    OR, the gas is leaking from the keg, ie, the stem,

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