Hand pull not drawing beer


I have just one cask beer pump and its stopped drawing the beer Ive checked the flojet which is fine what else should I check :B


  1. Hi Hoyley, First of all put the faulty beer engine on to water.If gas is turned on to gas pump and you are sure the pump is working ie, water coming out of the pump outlet then the problem is somewhere else. The check valve behind the beer engine can sometimes go faulty or even crack allowing air into the beer inlet of the beer engine.Check this.Whilst there make sure the inlet pipe to the beer engine is secure.I would think that your first port of call would be a check valve faulty,and needs replacing.Also it could just be that the seals on the beer engine are knackered and you need a new unit.
    Not being patronising but is the hard peg removed from the shive and is the hop filter clean and not blocked.


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