hand pump pressure.


Hardly any pressure on hand pump, before it only took three or four draws to fill a pint now seven or eight on average, any ideas what the problem could be ? Could this be an air lock in the line or something else ?.


  1. You’ve been shut down a while, is it supported by a gas pump have you switched back on? Otherwise it does sound like reconditioned cylinder job or seal kit. Depending on the beer engine you have.

  2. I had the same on Monday, cleaning cask beer lines ,all worked but one,
    As I was already cleaning ,I rechecked the line not working, by disconnected the line from my board and reconnect to cleaning sockets making Shure rubber sealing washer in place, this one is gas assistant so I turned the gas off and after a few seconds the line cleaner came through,
    If that doesn’t work, as mentioned in another post ,it could be the seal in the hand pull.

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