Has anybody experience with an electronic line clean system


Guinnes cellarbouyDesigned to reduce line cleaning to once every four weeks. A company Camdon are offering a four week trial. would be interested to know how it effects dispense and taste especially on the slower selling lines.

Any technicians thoughts would be welcome. There seems to be several variations of this type of  electronic magnetic/pulse system.


Cheers Lee


  1. I have seen these in a few places I have visited and have had various different stories from landlords, From some who say they work well, to others who say they have no effect so they’ve turned them off.  A lot of it can be down the calibration of the equipment as different beers have different properties and different lines etc will require a different frequency from the electronic device.

    Sorry I cant be more definite.

    • Hi proton do you know if any of the line technologies work? ( Carlsberg (quality dispense system) Heineken smartdispense (thumbs down on this site but installed countrywide?) inserve indispense Beertech dispensemaster etc)

      • HI Dylan, they all work within the scope that they are set up as. I can tell you about all of them as AVANI has seen them all and probably in a number of cases had to rescue the lines because of the use of them. Some are better than others and it really depends on what you already have in place. How old your current lines are, how long the run is, how often you want to clean or do you want leave it to someone else? More than happy to steer you in the right direction for YOU.


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