Heineken ice cold font transformer and drip tray


I bought a refurbished Heineken ice cold font (which ices up and displays the temperature). The power connector it has come with is different to the speaker wire type ones I have with my peroni and carling pump. Can anyone advise where I can buy one from or can I get a connector to use the existing ac adapter. Another thing is it didn’t come with a drip tray which is in a rectangular design


  1. It has a control board that lives under the bar if you’re referring to the temperature display type of font. The font lighting and the temp display are both run from that board. If you can’t cajoule one out of a Heineken rep I’ve seen them on ebay but it will be more than the price of the front sadly.

    • Hi , I have just bought a ice cold Heineken beer pump I am really struggling to find an info on connecting it up? I can’t seem to find any info even e-mailed Heineken with no joy? Hope someone can help. Regards Shane.

  2. Did you get a resolve to this,just bought same pump also missing the drip tray and left me scratching my head with the wiring configuration ?

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