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Hi, I am going to install a bar in my shed.  I have a system used in pubs (salvaged from a closure) with regulators, 60/40 gas and two chillers that the beer passes through.  The beer taps have re-circ cooling too.  My question is about temperature changes.  I plan to only dispense standard lagers carling or carlsberg types but I have no means of chilling the barrel (nor do I want the be messing around with that anyway and buckets of ice is too much expense and grief)   I am not worried about storage times as a barrel will be gone in an evening.  Let’s say it’s a lovely summers evening it’s been into the 20’s and my barrel has warmed up a bit.  Will I have issues dropping the temperature to serving temp from whatever the barrel is at so quickly or will it not affect the delivery of the pint.  Worried it might foam up or is foaming little or nothing to do with temp change from barrel to glass?


    • Hi Roy, thanks for the reply. I have cooled fonts throughrecirc so the beer shouldn’t warm from flash cooler to glass. I have seen keg covers that run off recirc to cool keg. Any experience of these? Do you know if they work as £80 is a bit steep if they are near useless.

  1. I have similiar set up in a shed, have fosters and co2 set at 20psi in the winter the pour was good. With this warm weather the pint seems a little flat in taste and looks, The beer does come out nice and cold though any recommondations do I need to increase the psi in this weather. TIA

    • I thought the Psi increase was more to do with the gas used than the temp of the beer. I used 60/40 on 35psi and the pints pulled fine. Barrel was probably around 20ish degrees I would say as it was a watm day

    • Hello
      Im not sure if anyone can help
      My partber has done tge same in our shed with carling but he is having lots of problems
      He has asked me to ask around if anyone can help he said tge NEW gas bottle just not doing anything and nothing coming though the beer pump
      Really dont know what to do
      Any help would be appricated

  2. I have exactly the same problem with my bar. I’m looking relocate it to a cooler space and have spoken to these guys who seem to have lots of good ideas/recommendations https://home-bar-uk.com Has anyone used these guys? I’m thinking of getting them to take a look at the bar build for me. Their products look good.

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