How do I clean beer lines?


Use this article as a reference. How to clean beer lines


  1. Hello this might not be the place to post could someone please enlighten me why there does not seem to be a recirculation pump for cleaning lines available rated for 230 240 v ac the all are 110v if someone one know where you can get 240v or anyone that sells second hand or refurbished pumps or could a power washer be adapted or a pump that could be used what pressure and flow rate I am in n Ireland thank for any information

  2. Hi Damian, For many years here in the UK electric pumps 240/110volt were used on cleaning systems.Current practice is to use gas pumps to replace these, the reasoning being that for safety and cost, gas pumps are a better choice.
    In my experience gas pumps properly set up are adequate for the job, although depending on the number of beer lines you are cleaning a 110volt induction pump might give a better performance. These pumps are readily available on the net.
    Be aware that water and electricity do not go well together and to seek professional advice on any installation.

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