How do I know if a beer line is clean?


tetleyCould you please advise what I need to use to check the cleanliness of a beer line after it has been flushed with a beer line cleaning product.







  1. The best way to check if a line is clean, is while you are cleaning the lines if you are using clear line cleaner and you are drawing off clouldy solution then there is still yeast in the lines.
    Or if you are using a purple line cleaner, by drawing off the solution every 10 or 15 minutes or so untill it stops changing colour.
    Or failing that just check the cellarbuoy and line to see if there is any debris in there, it helps if you use a torch. It should be clear.

    • Beerline cleaner should be pulled through every ten minutes (couple of pints at a a time) until the fluid that is drawn off, after a ten minute soak is identical in clarity, (or if using a purple cleaner colour and clarity) to it was when it entered the lines. Any change in colour or clarity is caused by deposits in the lines…Another ten minute soak would be required.


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