How to remove the slimy algae on the recirc water tubing


cask jacketsHello, we wonder if you can help at all please?
I run a micro pub with my husband where we have our cask beers set up on stillaging. The casks are kept at temperature by cooling jackets with water pipes inside them. The water is cooled by a remote chiller. We have found since earlier in the summer where the tubes have produced a lot of condensation that there is a build up of what looks like a slimy algae on some of the tubing. We would just like to know how to eradicate this slimy stuff? It doesn’t happen all of the time it just depend on temperatures and humidity.
Many thanks


  1. I don’t think there would be any way of keeping the pipes algae free.  There is no way to seal the pipes like a normal python to prevent condensation, as it is the un-lagged pipes that are in contact with the containers that are keeping them at the desired temperature.
    The only way would be to reduce condensation by keeping exposed pipe (unlagged ) to a minimum. Not sure if it would be good idea anyway to use chemicals near an open cask. Sounds like it would be down to good ole soap and water to keep it clean.

  2. Hello Jay, the algae from the condensation can be removed using a sanitiser (Alcohol Spray).  You can either buy a sanitiser spray from your supplier, then spray the pipes and wipe them clean to begin with, just applying a spray and allowing it to dry every few weeks will then keep it under control, or make up a solution using something like Milton and wipe the pipes with a cloth soaked in it every month or so.


    I would avoid harsh or chlorinated chemicals near the open casks.



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