How to use the fob detector/Cellarbuoy




  • When beer stops coming through the tap, this means the keg is empty.
  • In the cellar disconnect empty keg and connect a full keg.
  • Bleed the fob detector through the small valve that is at the top.
  • Make sure the fob glass is full to the top. Close valve after use.
  • Then and only then press the release button upwards.
  • And check that the ball rises to the top of the fob glass.
  • When fob detector glass is full and the ball is at the top, pull the release button back down into the down position.
  • Do not leave ball release button in the up position.


  • Some fob detectors have a button on the side. Use as above only push in and pull out, instead of press up and pull down.
  • Others types may have a rotary switch. Follow the same procedure, but using the switch in the correct operating sequence as above.


  1. Just remember that when you the release button down again to not pull it too hard because they snap easily… Especially on the black type cellar buoys.

    • Sounds as if ball release switch isn’t in the correct position or not seating properly and letting the line fill with gas when the container is empty.

  2. HI
    this is kim sending from Seoul Korea. Iv got some trouble to mustly solve.
    I have many keg products and customers who are using my products and also have trouble I said above.

    co2 goes to keg(beer) for equilibrium during unusing time(closed time,late night). so it makes a fobbing claim from consumer.

    yeah its easy to prevent by locking the valve.

    but you know that most of my guest s do not want to do it(hassle).
    and I could not inform(educate) it again and again, case by case.

    Is there any solution for it?
    Is there any equipment which I can buy on your website?? like timer,sensor whatever.

    please let me know the solution you know, and products. I need really yout help thanks.

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