Cask ale in my kitchen?


I am in the U.S. I have thus far only home brewed and bottled my beer. I am getting ready to start kegging and/or casking. My question is, do you think its reasonable to consider putting in a cask ale system in my home? We are remodelling our kitchen and are putting in a regular keg tap, but would love the option to have real ale as well.


Hi to you and welcome to Inn Doctor. I think it perfectly feasible to serve cask beer in your kitchen. Cask beer needs to be stored at a constant temperature, 52 – 54 Fahrenheit. You will find depending on the gravity of the beer you are brewing that the length of time an opened cask will last will vary, realistically speaking you should use a cask within 3 days. If you kept your cask in a cool cupboard or piped it up from your basement I don’t think you would have a problem. Using a beer engine I feel would give you the best results in terms of presentation and taste. This might sound like sacrilege to some real ale purists but I have even served cask beer through a beer cooler set at minimum setting just to give it a slight chill and had great success. I think a real ale beer engine in your kitchen would look pretty good. To sum up

1. Find somewhere cool with a constant 52-54 Fahrenheit temperature.

2. Only connect a cask if you intend drinking it within at least 3 days.

3. Don’t be afraid to use a beer cooler.

4. Cask ale in the kitchen, you realize you may be starting a new trend.


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